MK Enterprrises, Pune is pleased to introduce ONLY range of Building Systems in India.
Lighting Automation - Allows mood, dim lighting, AC, Curtain control
Climatization System - maintains AC comfort level while decreasing energy cost.
Sound System - gives stereo FM, 2 Stereo Sources Allowing local or distributed sound
Security System - protects against intrusion, fire, gas leakage. Control by phone of lights, blinds, AC etc.
All devices can be operated through sleek switches, remote controls. Apple I Pad, Apple Iphone, through Internet.
Modular nature enables easy future expansion.
Easy wiring --> Uses single Additional buswire.
Fully Open Protocol
Centralized Solution and individual Solution.
Easy configuration without use of computers.
Ideal for Bungalows , Flats ,Hotels,Conference rooms etc
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