Protects people and premises from thefts, burglary, and armed robbery. Available in wired and wireless type.

Multi Function Detector For
Wired Control Panels
Pet Immune PIR Motion Sensor For Wired Control Panels
Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Sensor for Wired Control Panels
External PIR Motion Sensor 12V for Wired Control Panels
Panic Switch for Wired
Control Panels
Magnetic Contact 4 Wire for Intrusion Panels
Magnetic Contact 2 Wire
For Intrusion Panels
Concealed Pencil Type
Magnetic Contact
Magnetic Contact for
Heavy Duty Shutters
High Power Sounders for Intrusion and Fire Panels
8 Zone LCD Display
Hybrid Control Panel
8 Zone LCD
Display Control Panel
Control Panel with built in GSM Speech and SMS Dialer
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