Security Tips  
  • Let your neighbour know you are away, and give them few phone Nos. where they can report any suspicious activity.

  • Stop the Mail and suspend newspaper delivery or have a neighbour pick them up.

  • Do not have your answering machine inform caller that you are on vacation.

  • Let two member s of family check and double check that all windows and doors are properly locked.

  • Lock the doors and windows of each room in the house.

  • Most residential burglaries occur when no one is at home. Anything that gives the impression that some one is at home, deters most thieves. Timer controlled lights are very goods for giving this impression.

  • Thick bushes / trees allow a burglar to hide easily. All entry points should be visible to passerby or neighbour.

  • Most burglaries happen at night. Do not keep any unlit areas around the house.

  • Do not talk to unknown people about details of your holiday plan.

  • Burglars hate to be detected. They don't like to see or hear an alarm system activated. A house alarm system is one of the best ways to deter a burglar.

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