Home Theater

Every one likes to watch movies in a theatre on a large screen with surround sound. But planning, timing, driving etc. can make this an uphill task. With high quality audio visual system you can easily enjoy all theater effects. The OTT content available nowadays, makes it all the more necessary to convert a spare bedroom or a garage into a media room. AVR, Speakers, Projectors, Screen are some main elements which constitute a Home Theatre. However good home theater setup is never complete without taking care of proper Acoustics, Soundproofing, Seating, etc. We can help you take correct decisions in this matter also.

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The purpose is to receive A & V signals  from multiple sources, process them & provide power amplifiers to drive loud speakers  and route video to display such as TV, Projector. One has to consider no. of channels required, power per channel, no. of HDMI inputs-outputs connectivity to networks etc. Different brands such as Marantz, Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer etc are available.


Can be one of the most confusing decisions to made .Various factors such as Wattage, sensitivity ,Impedance, dimensions etc have to be considered to decide. Types such as, Inwall, Floor standing, Bookshelf etc depends on room layout and your taste. Brands such as Klipsch, Elac, Fyne Audio, Etc are available.


Depending on available distance between projectors & screen one has to decide  on Long Throw , Short Throw or Ultra Short Throw projectors. Again from earlier Lamp based to LED and then Laser type, projectors have evolved, with each  type having their own pros and cons. 2k,4k, 8k, Lumens , Contrast Ratio etc are  factors to be considered. EPSON, OPTOMA, BENQ, Viewsonic etc are the different available brands.

Projection Screen

One cannot ignore importance of a good screen to complement your AV set up. Manual, Motorised are generally wired in Bedrooms, Living Rooms, while Fixed Frame are used in dedicated Media rooms. Different types of fabric determine Reflection gain, contrast etc which are to be considered as per your application.


Available in different material and features


Is important to reduce Echo/Reverberations and enhance listening experience

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